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The Onboarding Process

The website process takes roughly 8-12 weeks to complete.  You will receive your initial Marketing Audit along with the first quarter’s strategy 30 days from your start date.  At this stage, you can decide what makes sense for you in regards to budget and media spend.  We will be ensuring we’re setting proper goals, milestones, and are always aiming to achieve the most optimal results.

Here’s how the first 3 months will go:

1.  First Day – Strategy Session

  • Strategy session with your Marketing Director
  • This is a crucial meeting, as it will help determine goals, milestones and necessary budget

2.  First Week – Content, Design & Website Fulfilment Consultation

  • We will bring in a copywriter, a graphic designer and a website fulfilment specialist
  • Our team will get to know you and your brand
  • We will ensure by the end of the meeting we have everything we need to get started on the website build

3.  Second Week – First round of approvals

  • We will be sending you the sitemap and wireframe of your new website
  • This ensures that you know which pages we are specifically asking to have on the new website
  • Once approvals are received, we will move onto the content phase

4.  Weeks 3-6 – Content Phase

  • This phase is when we are writing all of the content (words) for your website
  • Once completed and edited for grammar and spelling errors, we will send the content document to you for review, edits & approvals
  • Once approvals are received, we will move onto the design phase
  • We will present to you your first Marketing Audit inclusive of your first quarterly strategy for review and approvals

5.  Weeks 7-9 – Design Phase

  • This is where we bring your brand to life through imagery, colours & graphics
  • Once completed we will send the designed website home page and service page to you for review, edits & approvals
  • Once approvals are received, we will move onto the build phase
  • If you have opted into Enhanced Services, we will begin building your Google Ads campaign on week 9.  This will be sent to you for review prior to launch
  • We need to review campaign structure, targeted keywords, targeted areas of the city, and ad copy

6.   Weeks 10-12 – Build Phase

  • This is when we actually take the content and design elements and build you a highly responsive, extremely fast, high converting website
  • Once completed we will send the staging link (not live, but working website) to you for review, edits & approvals
  • Once approvals are received, we will move onto the launch phase (then we begin the hard work of bringing people to your new and amazing website)

Some builds go faster than others. This is a guideline. Some clients want to take more time to get back with approvals and edits so we move as fast as you do and want.

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