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SEO – Simplified

Though we use historical best practices, our experience has taught us how and when to pivot with algorithmic updates. The result is thorough, engaging content that your patients will actually want to read.

When users appreciate a websites content, Google ranks it higher. Because we always have eyes on SEO advancement, algorithm updates, and cultural trends, we can write exactly what your patients are actively looking to read.

Fact: 70% of people want to be introduced to new brands and products through content vs. advertising. Think about it – you’re already interested in something if you’ve typed it into the search bar. We leverage this concept to provide exceptional SEO for all of our clients.

Every SEO Strategy includes:

  1. An in-depth content strategy designed to perform in Google and set you apart from your competition.
  2. Data-driven decision making to ensure maximum performance.

Our Copywriters and Content Strategists are experts, trained in researching and writing for your industry, as well as marketing best practices. We create content (not just words, but infographics, videos, and other informative, strategy-driven concepts) that provide genuine value for your patients that they just can’t find anywhere else.

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