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Quarterly Marketing Audits

Marketing Audits are very important to show the success of your marketing. We recommend conducting an audit no more than once per quarter with a deep dive annually. An audit should answer the following questions:

  • How is my marketing working?
  • Which campaigns are working best?
  • What isn’t working very well?
  • How can I improve the success of my marketing?
  • Which copy and image combinations are working best?
  • What is my exact Return on Investment from my Marketing Investment?
  • Do we need to adjust our strategy for the next quarter?

Determine Your Success Markers

Determine Your Success Markers

Determine your success markers or KPIs before you launch your marketing.

Create a spreadsheet that shows you a Month over Month view of all of the metrics you need to see in order to determine efficacy. Your audit should include an overview of each of these metrics. A Before/After comparison of each KPI will allow you to see if you’re consistently improving. Be careful to also key seasonality in consideration when looking at a 3-month viewpoint.

Traffic Sources

It’s a great time to evaluate your website’s traffic sources and determine if the paid traffic was worth the investment. This also allows you to see which pages are working best, how long someone stays on your website, an average number of pages and a never-ending amount of metrics to look at.


Quarterly Audits are a great time to look at the type of traffic your website has seen over the last 3 months. We like to look at demographics in Google Analytics to recategorize your website traffic. This helps you determine imagery, messaging and evaluate if targeting is specific to your ideal demographic.

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