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Local Thought Leadership

What is Local Thought Leadership?

Local Thought Leader (LTL) represents an evolution of the content creation process. This evolution takes your Dental expertise and puts it to work.

A content strategist works with you to create compelling blog posts, infographics, videos, professional posts, and other content as needed to meet your goals.

LTL leverages SEO data and is designed to rank for long-tail keywords (vs. “money” keywords).

What Benefit Is There to Your Practice?

  • Education & Thought Leadership
    There is a genuine appetite for information from qualified sources. In a world full of fake news, fake views, fake reviews… who do we trust? LTL helps answer that question.
  • Traffic
    At its core, LTL’s efforts are designed to grow organic traffic to your website. This involves ranking, but targeting specific keywords is not the driver. Long-tail keywords, which are hard to predict/report on, are the drivers.
  • Brand
    Sharing information and educating people is an excellent way to build trust. LTL streamlines this process and empowers thought leaders to stand out from the rest.

Why Should You Invest In LTL?

  • You want to build your professional reputation as a subject matter expert and leader in the eye care industry
  • You want to create amazing content but lack the time, knowledge, or tools to do so.
  • You want to help shape your industry, influence perceptions, and contribute to the larger message
  • You understand that search engines value expertise & authority
  • There are things you want your patients to know, but don’t know how to get the information out there.

What Is a Business to Expect with the LTL Program?

  1. Market-Leading Content Creation
    Lead by an experienced & specialized content strategist
  2. Think Beyond the Blog
    Blogs are foundational; rich media is evolutionary (interview video’s, slideshow video’s, infographics, podcasts)
  3. Data-Driven
    SEO analysis % organic traffic potential estimation

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