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How Does SEO Work For My Practice?

Best in the Industry SEO

Our SEO programs are unparalleled within the industry; but that’s only one small part of what we do for you. You’re not just investing in a service to boost your businesses search engine optimization – you’re getting on board with a full-service, industry-focused machine. The results tend to snowball: rather than focusing on one aspect of your business, we propel its entire presence, which further encourages great rankings and reviews. Our SEO services are just one switch that we can flip to start your marketing engine.

We Get to Know Your Business

All SEO campaigns begin with a dynamic and rigorous discovery phase. Before we begin formulating your strategy, we:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of both your practice and your marketing goals
  • Learn the ins and outs of your specific competitive landscape and geography we’ll be working with you in
  • Identify immediate opportunities and prioritize them based on the potential for quick ROI

Once we have the information we need to plan our execution, we continue with the basics we use in every SEO campaign.

  1. Review of existing SEO results (if relevant)
  2. A comprehensive on-site audit to identify opportunities
  3. Local keyword research
  4. Local competitive analysis

This foundational work helps us figure out which steps should be taken to make the biggest impact. No cookie-cutter solutions here. Every SEO program is customized to the business and its specific needs.

Detailed Reporting & Analysis

We get it: you want to know where your investment is headed. Our monthly performance monitoring coupled with our detailed quarterly SEO audits will paint an unmistakable picture of where your business is and where you should be piloting it to. 

We don’t just give you the numbers and run –  we take the time to walk you through our strategy and exactly how it is performing each quarter. If we need to adjust, we will: it’s as simple as that. 

Your monthly SEO dashboard will show you where you rank against your top 4 competitors, outline which keywords we saw success with, and indicate those we may need to push a little harder.

We’ve built our business around making digital marketing work for your industry. This has given us the context we need to draw a map to your success.

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