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Website Conversion Rates

If your like most eye care practices, before working with us, you likely had no idea about conversion rate. It’s all fine to track how much traffic your website gets but what really counts is how it converted. What do we mean? We mean how many people landed on your website and did an action you want them to do. We consider actions:

  • Call
  • Book online
  • Fill in and submit a form
  • Send an email inquiry
  • Visit the location page
  • Visit the brands page

The average Dentist/ Dental clinic website converts at about 1-2%. That means 100 people land on the website and only 1 or 2 of them take an action. That’s typical. We strive for a minimum of 20% conversion. We often see higher conversions of 29-30%. Just think…100 people land on your website and 29 – 30 call or book online….that’s a HUGE difference in results. This is something to pay very close attention to as your website launches and get’s busier. It can take a little bit of time so be patient!

Ask your Marketing Director about extra tracking you can add like “call tracking”. Call tracking is awesome as we can see exactly what ads drove the patient to the website and which ones converted. We can even record the call so you can listen to whether or not it actualized into a booked appointment. It’s like a mini mystery shop on your reception and it works great as a training tool. It’s available at a small cost.

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