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How Does SEO Work For My Practice?

Best in the Industry SEO Our SEO programs are unparalleled within the industry; but that’s only one small part of what we do for you. You’re not just investing in a service to boost your businesses search engine optimization – you’re getting on board with a full-service, industry-focused machine. The results tend to snowball: rather than […]

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Local Thought Leadership

What is Local Thought Leadership? Local Thought Leader (LTL) represents an evolution of the content creation process. This evolution takes your Dental expertise and puts it to work. A content strategist works with you to create compelling blog posts, infographics, videos, professional posts, and other content as needed to meet your goals. LTL leverages SEO […]

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SEO – Simplified

Though we use historical best practices, our experience has taught us how and when to pivot with algorithmic updates. The result is thorough, engaging content that your patients will actually want to read. When users appreciate a websites content, Google ranks it higher. Because we always have eyes on SEO advancement, algorithm updates, and cultural trends, we can write exactly what your patients […]

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Top SEO Metrics

As a digital marketer, you can measure the success of your work in several ways. One of those ways is by examining key SEO metrics. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that provide you with easy-to-read reports so you can check those metrics. Two of the best utilities, Google Search Console and Google Analytics, are not […]

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