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Best Practices for Your Website

4 Key Ingredients to a Successful Website

A Website Alone Is Not A Full Marketing Strategy

Your website should be your hardest working and highest closing salesperson.  Even more than that, it’s often your patients’s first impression of your practice.  But just like your office, you still need to give that salesperson someone to sell to. For your website, that’s traffic.

1. Advertising?

It might be an obvious question, but do you know how to make a fire? You start by building the foundation of the fire with twigs and paper (this is your website), then you pour a little gas or light with a flame (Google ads), now as it starts to get going you add more twigs (more budget to the Google ads or Facebook Ads) and if you want a bigger fire you add logs (more budget, more ads) and as you all know…if you don’t stoke the fire it’s going to go out. This is a great analogy of how digital marketing can really work well. Get started, start adding and then build it as big as you want it! We can help.

Here is a simple checklist for you talk to your Marketing Director on which advertising will work the best for your practice:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Email Marketing

2.  In-office Promotion?

The website is an extension of your practice. Every patient must know about your website and if you are doing promotional activity on the website or e-commerce what options you can offer.

Five ways to promote in the office:

  • TV screens in the waiting room
  • On the receipt patients receive
  • On business or appointment cards
  • Asking patients to use the online booking platform on the website to rebook
  • Signage in the office with the website address

Don’t underestimate the power of your website and it’s ability to help retain patients.

3.  Ongoing Activity & Updating?

Google loves to see a ton of great content that shows you are an expert in dental care so when a potential patient is searching for a dentist or dental health search Google will show your website or rank your website higher knowing you appear to be an expert. Google also love activity, they want to see people engaging in your website and not bouncing off. It then shows as a site that has high user experience.

A great way to have ongoing activity is a blog. A monthly blog on different topics helps keep you ranking higher especially if people interact with that content like click on it and read it (stay on it for more than a few seconds). If you didn’t have a blog added when we built your site it’s easy to add. We can write the blogs for you (at an additional monthly cost) or you can write them and we will help upload them (graphics and images may be extra).

Other things to ensure you are keeping updated is doctor pics & bios, new employees, adding pictures, and content about new technology. Your Marketing Director can help you with all of those tasks.

4. Integrate New Features

Make your website a hub of activity. If your patient software program has an online booking portal let us add it to the website. If you’re doing Tele-health we can build you a full page to direct patients to book virtual consultations. We’re all about helping make your website better and better over time.

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