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Practice Recruitment

The ability to recruit well can be a main differentiator for your dental practice.  In this e-guide, we will explore some tips on successfully navigating the recruitment process for your next great hire. […]

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What are Paid Search Campaigns

Getting found online is the new Yellow Pages! Paid search campaigns are now a must have part of your marketing strategy in order to show up on Google and be found by your current and potential patients. This e-guide will walk you through what are paid search campaigns and why you should consider doing them […]

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Showing up high on search engine result pages can be extremely beneficial for local businesses in today’s digitally driven world – even in the dental industry.  Yes – still many new patients are coming from referrals, but the world has changed and the importance of showing up on search engines cannot be overstated. This e-guide […]

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Marketing your Grand Opening

Whether you’re starting a brand new practice, renovating or moving a practice, taking the opportunity to use it as a marketing campaign is a great idea. The e- book will walk you through the steps to prepare for a grand opening event and the marketing you can do to announce it to your community. […]

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